About Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a stunningly intact walled city on the Adriatic Sea coast of the extreme south of Croatia that was built on maritime trade. In the Middle Ages it became the only city-state in the Adriatic to rival Venice. Supported by its wealth and skilled diplomacy, the city achieved a remarkable level of development during the 15th and 16th centuries.

This history is alive and well today. Dubrovnik is one of the best preserved walled cities in the world and one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean. It boast ancient sites, mountainous terrain, quite coves, and a bounty of delicious sea food and grilled baltic meats. Come join us in this magical place. You may learn more about Dubrovnik and what there is to do while you are here by following this link


Our Story

The Groom


Andrew was born in the midwest to two fantistic parents. They taught him the importance of family, basic midwestern values, and encouraged his creativity. Since leaving the safety of the parental nest he has moved every three years or so, exploring the world and making important connections with a variety of friends. Some may say he has lost some of those midwestern values, but an astute observer would observe they are still there just morphed by the directness of a new yorker, the political correctness of a washingtonian, the relaxed attitude of a westcoaster, and other such amalgamations.

The Bride


Jessy was born in the fabulous city of Shanghai and migrated with her family to New York at the tender age of 11, where she first learned how to hustle. After graduation, She hustled her way into the famous 420 building where she took over a room from a complete craigslist stranger and joined the shit show. While drinking her life away, Jessy also managed to get accepted and completed her MBA studies at the university of Michigan. She’s sobered up a little since her westward journey to the city of San Francisco and now are channeling her inner nerdiness.

Their Journey


Andy's account

Andrew moved to new york in 2012, excited to exit small town Indiana and explore the bounties of Manhattan ( A majority female, and majority single city). Unfortunatly for Andrew that dream of the good single life in New york was never realized. His second day in the city his good friend and roomate Suzy brought to the apartment the vile vixen Jessy. Andrew tried to resist her charms and advances, he knew it was too dangerous to date someone that lived in the same building. However she lived 4 flights up and herself could not resist the strong manliness that was Andrew. She would show up at his door every day, or hold 'game nights' at her place on days she didn't show up. Knowing that the chance to compete and win would draw Andrew out. Try as he might, Andrew could not escape her gaze and like a puny lion tamer gradually breaks a lion, so too did this small little girl slowly house break Andrew.

Since accepting defeat things have been well for Andrew. Jessy and he have traveled the world, encoraged eachother to continue learning, prodded eachother about their progress in careers, and dragged eachother out of the house to places they normally would not go. Life is better together, except when Jessy is unhappy, which unfortunatly is whenever she doesn't get what she wants.

Jessy's Account

It was the summer of 2012, Jessy was on her way back from an amazing vacation in Belize with her good friend Suzy, when she went to see her friend’s new apartment in the same building. There she met a sassy man named Andy and immediately questioned his sexuality. She was assured by her friend he suffers from a serious case of yellow fever. For the next few days, whenever Jessy was busy playing Diablo 3, Andy would come by to disturb her gametopia. Andy sneakily got Jessy’s number by telling her he needs an emergency contact just in case. They started dating 2 weeks after their first meeting. At their first date, Andy took Jessy to a jazz dance festival. Even though conversations were limited because Jessy could not understand Andy’s mumbling, Jessy had a blast with Andy.

Summer passed and winter came, as Jessy prepared for her MBA studies, her fun summer fling won’t let go. Out of the niceness of her heart, she decided to give long distance a shot and the rest is history. Since moving to the SF Bay Area, Jessy has enjoyed some outdoor activities SF has to offer and Andy has grown even more rooted on their IKEA couch in front of the TV. But generally, life has been good except when Andy procrastinate on things such as wedding planning or argues with Jessy just to be right, which happens a lot.

Schedule of Events - Details below


Event Details

Welcome Drinks

Place:Banje Beach - located just south of old town at
Start Time:Sept 3rd, 9 pm
Dress Code: Casual, swimwear to change into recommended
Transportation: No provided transportation. Walkable from old town.

Group Activity - Island Beach Hopping Boat Tour

Place: Boat leaves from New Port Pier X, address
Start Time:Sept 4th, bus leaves 8:14 am, boat leaves 9 am.
Dress Code: casual and bring a swim suit
Transportation: We are providing a bus that leaves from Hotel Dubrovnik Palace ( address Masarykov put 20) at 8:15 am on the dot. Boat leaves at 9 am. If you miss the bus take an uber or taxi to the port.

Rehersal Dinner

Place:Konoba Dubrava Restaurant, address
Time: Sept 4th, 7 pm
Dress Code: Casual or business casual
Transportation: We are providing a buses that leaves from Hotel Dubrovnik Palace( address Masarykov put 20) at 7 pm on the dot, and also picking up in the old town at 7:15 on the dot. If you miss the bus take an uber or taxi to the restuarant.
Special Instructions: We collected orders with the RSVP. You will get a card when entering the bus or restaurant to indicate to the waiters which dish you ordered.

Wedding Ceremony

Place:Sponza Palace, address: Stradun 2, 20000
Time: Sept 5th, 2:30 pm bus leaves, 3:30 pm ceremony starts
Dress Code: Summer formal / Dress to impress, comfortable shoes.
Transportation: We are providing a buses that leaves from Hotel Dubrovnik Palace ( address Masarykov put 20) at 2:30 pm on the dot. If you miss the bus take an uber or taxi to old town. A return bus will leave old town at 4:45 pm for the reception location


Place:Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, address: Masarykov put 20
Time: Sept 5th, 4:45 pm bus leaves, 6 pm reception starts, 7 pm first course served
Dress Code: Summer formal / Dress to impress + swim suit
Transportation: We are providing a buses that leaves from the wedding ceremony at 4:45 pm on the dot. If you miss the bus take an uber or taxi or local bus to Palace Hotel Dubrovnik

Wedding location

The Wedding - Sponza Palace

Address:Stradun 2, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia


The Sponza Palace (Croatian: Palača Sponza), also called Divona (from dogana, customs), is a 16th-century palace in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its name is derived from the Latin word "spongia", the spot where rainwater was collected. The rectangular building with an open inner courtyard was built in a mixed Gothic and Renaissance style between 1516 and 1522.

The Reception - Hotel Dubrovnik

Address: Masarykov put 20, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia


The reception will be in the cliffside enclave right at the oceans edge. It will offer local cuisine, a dj with dancing, a pool for optional swimming for those that are adventurous, and all and all a great time. After the reception there will also be the option to move to the hotels club for continueing the party.



Since it is a destination wedding we are offering to cover one of the nights at the hotel were the reception is to make everyone's life easier. The Hotel is Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, the same location as the reception listed above.

If you want additional nights at the same hotel for 240 Euros a night you can Download a CCAuth Form, fill it out, then mail it Jessy or me and we can arrange your stay for

Dinner options

Rehersal Dinner


The rehersal dinner, which everyone is invited to, is going to be at a mountain village cottage restaurant. This restaurant features meat and vegetables cooked in a traditional baltic way under an iron bell and over a fire. Come enjoy this unique and delivious meal with local Croation wine.

Wedding Reception Dinner


The wedding reception dinner will be fancier fair, followed of course by wedding cake for desert.

Wedding Transportation

Getting to Dubrovnik

Getting to Dubrovik from some locations in the US will require a layover in Europe. Paris, Athens, and Frankfurt are three locations with connecting flights you can choose. For those more adventurous and thrifty you can also find some great deals if you fly to a european city first, and then use a local carrier to fly from that city to Dubrovnik either on that day or on a later day.

Getting around Dubrovnik

Most of where you will want to spend time at in Dubrovnik is walkable, but here are some transportation options for those that want to explore more, or stay further from the downtown area.


The best gift you can give is the gift of your time and come take part in this special moment with us, but if you want to give something else our registry is located here. Most of the items we are asking for is for you to help us make some special memories our first year as husband and wife that we can carry with us always.

While in Rome, or at least nearby

While traveling to our wedding take advantage and travel other places. Link up with others attending the ceremony for a pre or post wedding trip. Check out this google doc to propose or join a trip.

Some cool places nearby include Athens, Italy, Spain, or the Baltiks. See some examples below